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At Family Affair, we specialize in making your transition as smooth and carefree as possible. We have a full understanding that this process is emotional and can seem overwhelming. It is human nature to have sentimental attachment to one's belongings and environment. Our staff is extremely sensitive to this and will treat each individual situation with respect and integrity. It is our goal to afford you the peace of mind to take what you want and walk

away...leave the rest to us!  

We offer competitive rates for jobs both big and small:

  • Set up and stage home
  • Value and/or appraise each item
  • Price, arrange and display contents
  • Conduct a public sale
  • Remove and/or donate any remaining items
  • Dispose of garbage, clean up and send you a's that simple!

We recycle whenever possible, properly dispose of chemicals and/or hazardous materials and leave the property empty. Premises will be swept, vacuumed and counters wiped down. Basically turn-key and ready to go!

We can facilitate additional services as well. Our contacts and affiliates cover a broad range of services often needed during this process. In the event that a sale cannot be held at your current property, we have options. Some options may include an invite only private sale when residence does not allow public sales, consignment, shuttle service when parking is an issue and so on. We can recommend Real Estate Agents, insurance appraisers, piano movers, debris hauling, carpet removal, metal scrap & appliance disposal, crating/shipping services, eBay sales and much more...just ask!

For a free consultation, contact us today!

Kristen Hudson (503) 780~1774

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